Our Philosophy

Our location, the Burren, is a natural wonder. And we don’t take this for granted – the complete opposite, in fact. It’s our passion for a world-class service based on quality and respect, and our commitment to improving and innovating everything that we do whilst staying close to our rich local history and natural habitat, that make Gregans Castle so special.

There are no TVs in the rooms here, which is in keeping with the beautiful peace and quiet of the area. We understand that our surroundings contribute to our well-being, and that’s why everything has been selected with thought – from the art on the walls to the food on your plate.

Caring for the environment and co-existing with nature is at the heart of our philosophy. We’re a founding member of The Burren Ecotourism Network, The Burren Food Trail and a member of The Burrenbeo Trust, and we offer a special ecotourism package to guests. In our restaurant, we mix cutting-edge cuisine with local traditions, following the principles of seasonality and working with local artisan producers. Just how it should be.